Avoid Using Facebook Messenger

Are you like me and think Facebook already controls enough of your life? Recently Facebook made a change where mobile users must now use the Facebook App Messenger in send/receive messages over its platform. I think it’s a bit much to download another app to reply to a message I may receive once a month. So, how do you avoid this? The answer is by avoiding using the mobile site. Here’s how:
1. Go to in your mobile web browser.
2. Click the hamburger icon in the top right corner:
3. Click “Messages”
4. When you receive the “You must install messenger” message, click and hold the refresh button, and you’ll be given the option to request the Desktop version of Facebook:
Facebook messenger

5. Now click the Message icon next to the notification icon at the top of the screen. You can now view and reply to your messages on your mobile phone!
send message on facebook without downloading messenger

2 thoughts on “Avoid Using Facebook Messenger

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    1. Yo! Thank you! Sorry to hear about your mother’s health 🙁 I think it’s probably wise to be more cautious in your approach to stock selection w/ the Donald. You can never go wrong with “following the money”, and the money should be flowing into some different areas versus president Obama. Also, with the Federal Reserve hiking rates at least a couple times in the next year, large banks may be worth a look too. I’m planning on writing a post on what I’m doing w/ my securities soon… As far as retirement goes I’m using and I have a small section of my portfolio dedicated to stock selection.

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