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Hi there!

I’m Austin and this is my site, “”. I’ve owned this domain for over 10 years now and it has been a source location of a few thoughts of mine over the past decade.

The name Artstin came from loving art and design, and it was a good way to communicate a snippet about me in a single word. Back then, I thought my career path was going to be down graphic design, and while I did do some graphic design professionally, I never really grew it into a full time role. I became more interested in the inter-operations of businesses rather than just making the art, and kept the graphic design element in my “back pocket” as a nice way to earn extra income or switch careers if ever needed.

Since that time, professionally, most positions I’ve held have been analytics-related. I’ve worked for a few CPG companies doing things like demand forecasting, product assortment analytics, and test/control. Thus far it’s been a pretty interesting and fulfilling career.

Outside of career talk, I’m married to my wife, Kate, and we have one dumpling… our cat, Stella. We’ve just purchased a home and are looking forward to calling it our own and building equity.

With what will happen to the site in the next decade… I’m not sure. Hopefully it will continue to be an archive of more thoughts of mine throughout the ages. Though for that to happen, I will definitely need to post more than once every few years, which I intend on doing.

See you in the comments section.


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